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Sister Souljah And Will Smith

Source: Hugh Dillon/ / WENN

We  know , Sister Souljah; but Lisa Williamson was born January 28, 1964 in Bronx, New York.

In her collegiate years, she was well traveled; experiencing England, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, and Russia.

Her accomplishments are a mile long; she was heavily involved in creating and starting the African Youth Survival Camp, serves as  Executive Director of Diddy’d charitable organization, Daddy’s House Social Programs, and a strong mark in the community.

Sister Souljah is the author of 5 national best sellers, one including her special collector edition, The Coldest Winter Ever. 

Her achievements are a result of hard work and a strong initiative to be the legacy she continues to be.

“To be a real man or woman, you’ve got to know what you believe in. You’ve got to understand that your actions have consequences and that they are connected to everything that you are.” -Siter Souljah

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