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Source: Ronnette Harrison / WPRS

On the way to the radio station today, a bird pooped on my windshield, right in my line of sight, while I was driving. The “while I was driving” part is significant because due to the wind, that messiness started spreading across the windshield! I started to become irritated, especially because it landed on the part of the windshield directly in my line of sight. But just when I started to complain, Jesus tapped my shoulder and said: “Daughter, be thankful you HAVE a means of transportation because up until last week, it was in the shop until I helped you get it out!” I quickly got myself together and thanked God AGAIN for coming through every time.

Y’all, my truck was in the shop because the engine completely gave out on me. Thankfully, I didn’t get into an accident nor injured any pedestrians. When I took it to the shop, the mechanic told me I had to get the engine replaced. This news almost sent me into a crying fit because my CR-V will be paid off in OCTOBER! He told me it would be cheaper to get a rebuilt engine but it would cost me something to the tune of about $4,000. I thank God for resources and a wonderful support system! After being without my ride for about 2 weeks, I got it back last Wednesday (my payday). THANK YOU, JESUS! He’s constantly blessing over and over and over.

So let me encourage YOU to not sweat the small stuff. Remember what God has done, is doing and WILL DO!