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Avant at Women's Empowerment

Source: Glenn Pearson / Radio One Digital

Singer Avant thanks all the fans that have been praying for him. John Monds addresses the rumors that surfaced about the death of Avant. The world has watched him lose weight rapidly for the past few years. He explains he transitioned to a different eating style.

“I’m ok everything is fine. I just decided to stop eating meat and dairy”, he said. Avant goes into detail about meat and how herbs create the human craving for meat.

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He preaches about the benefit of eating what is from the earth. “You could put boo-boo on the table with some herbs, you might eat it.”, he jokingly said.

The Cleveland native encourages the people that may be going through a health issue, to consider the vegan lifestyle and for everyone to listen to his latest single, ‘Not Gone Lose’.

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