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Colin Kaepernick still can’t seem to land a team despite reports that he’s willing to be a backup quarterback.

According to CBS Sports, Kaepernick’s agent has contacted various teams this week in hopes of landing a quarterback position for his client. However, the teams aren’t biting.

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith says that Kaepernick’s camp has reached out to the Steelers. “Essentially, they’re not interested,” Smith said this week.

Smith further explained that Kaepernick’s camp “contacted the Jets, no word on them yet. They’ve contacted the Saints. They didn’t get their phone calls returned.”

To make matters worse, all three of these teams have added a quarterback since Tuesday morning.

The Saints signed J.T. Barrett to their practice squad and he’ll be their No. 3 player behind Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill. The Steelers added Paxton Lynch to their practice squad on Tuesday and the Jets reportedly signed David Fales on Wednesday.

According to Smith, Kaepernick didn’t even want to be a starting quarterback. The sports commentator says he spoke with Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, last week. According to Smith, Diab told him that Kaep would be open to a backup job.

“One of the things that Nessa Diab told me last week when she and I met, she said, ‘Colin Kaepernick trains five days a week, every day, all five days, at 5 a.m.,’” Smith said. “‘Working out a minimum of three hours a day, if not longer. He’s ready to go. He wants to be back in the NFL and it doesn’t have to be as a starting quarterback. It could be as a backup quarterback.’”

Yet, NFL teams still seem to be staying clear of Kaepernick.

This says a lot if Kaep is willing to be backup because it’s most likely he’ll be playing for backup money, which wouldn’t be a major money risk to the team that signs him. A lot of quarterbacks from major teams have also been facing injuries, so there’s usually a need for replacements. In just two weeks, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Nick Foles have experienced serious injuries. Cam Newton also might miss a game in Week 3 due to a foot situation, and Sam Darnold is projected to miss multiple games due to mononucleosis.

Meanwhile, Kaep has been ready to play. His practice videos that he posts on Instagram should serve as proof. But, per usual, the NFL still seems to be turning their back.

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