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Praise family, Its very important in our quest for spiritual guidance, a part of it is to find a ministry where you can receive the word in a place that is speaking and teaching biblical principles and not filtering it through a worldly lens, and without feeling a sense of pressure. If you find yourself in such a place, you may want to consider finding a church home where you can not only feel comfortable but grow spiritually in Christ. Many years ago, I found myself in that same position but made the move where I found a ministry where the emphasis was bible based teaching and personal relationships. Thank God for the leader of our house Pastor Arthur L Clarke of AGAPE Family Faith Center in Temple Hills MD. With his leadership and his love for people through the word of Christ, I have grown in areas that I would not have in the place that I was in. That is not to say that the previous church was a bad one, it just was not where I learned my purpose. Perhaps you may be in the same place. In this article I have include some things to look for if your seeking a church home or looking for a new one.

1.     Some Clarity in Beliefs

Would you say that your new church home’s principles and missions are clear? If not, then you need to check their website for a clear statement of belief, weekly programs, church bulletin boards, and the likes. All of these should line up as the evidence for your church’s culture.

2.     An Integrity of Leadership

Do the teachings of your new church align with the accurate interpretations of the Scripture? If you think that your Pastor doesn’t consult the Holy Bible and has no guardrails for his teachings and preaching, then this could actually be dangerous. What you need to look for are God’s inspired words.

3.     Freedom

Do you think the members of your church exercise their right to grow at their own pace while they walk along with God? A church that encourages creativity, individuality, and exportation of God’s calling and gifts are what you need.

4.     A Culture of Service

Do you see a ministry within the church for members who need assistance? Well, the first church directed by Jesus believed in caring for each other and the greater community. Selfishness, infighting, and jealousy should be rampant in your new church.

5.     A Welcoming Spirit

Do you find leaders and members welcoming you into this place of worship? Do they seem happy with your presence?  This particular consideration should be a no-brainer as leaders and members at your new church should be welcoming for the sake of God.

6.     Growth

Do you see the church growing? Or do they at least aspire to grow? If you see that the church had been founded in 1999 and there are only 20 members in 2019, then this is a definite red flag. People should be seen growing, exercising, learning, creating, and growing in any way possible.

Make your spiritual journey beautiful. Find a new church home that suits all of the above