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If you’re like us, you’re stuck at home per “shelter in place” orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While our country and the world are in great hardship, there have been a few silver-linings in the midst of this storm, one of those has been creativity. Because black people are extremely creative, and we never neglect the opportunity to show up and show out, we have been slaying the “Don’t Rush Challenge.”

With social distancing being a matter of life and death, Black people are doing what we have always done while complying. We are staying connected to one another while committing fully to rising above adversity. Thanks to social media and phones that seem to be smarter than Toupee Fiasco (your President), we are social distancing in style.

Although social media is never not booming, usage is at an all-time high with the newest social media platform, TikTok, getting a lot of screen time lately. TikTok is a video platform that allows users to create video content that includes voiceovers, filters and word art. In short, it is the perfect place for creatives who want to have fun during this less than laughable time in our lives.

Check out a few of our favorites, and all the receipts needed for the George C. Wolfe quote, “God created black people and black people created style.”

1. The #Silverfox edition of the #Dontrushchallenge has some of us feeling like we could really date ole boy or his daddy.

2. Family over everything! This edition of the #dontrushchallenge definitely proves there is no place like home.

3. Young, black Hollywood reverse the #Dontrushchallenge with an edition of the challenge that is just as magical and real.

4. If protect and serve needed to be personified in one video, the military edition of the #Dontrushchallenge would be it.

5. Feeling catty or nah? Leopard should be a part of every bold beauty’s wardrobe and these ladies are providing options with their edition of the #Dontrushchallenge.

6. These curvy models are encouraging the masses to live sexy by wearing lingerie whether you have a quarantine bae or nah.


7. Oh and while we are talking sexy and curvy, check out how this crew came through with the “Swim Thick” rendition of the #Dontrushchallenge.

8. This beauty boss edition of the #Dontrushchallenge makes keeping it cute during this quarantine look easy.

9. We all have that “rich auntie” that makes life look fabulous. Of course they had to represent for the Oprah-ish women.

10. And they still together! Yes, #blacklove wins again.

11. Dressed up or down, Jeans are one of fashion’s coldest staples.

12. Pretty much! These MUA came through with beats for days for their version of #dontrushchallenge.

13. #SquadGoals this edition of the #Dontrushchallenge is all about influence. Check out this meld of fashion, hair and beauty that prove black women stay #sofreshandsoclean.


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