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Once again, Cheryl Jackson talks with Relationship Expert, Gail Crowder.  This time Gail gives practical tips about the Power of Gratitude.  Gail Crowder gives us practical tips to maintain a positive attitude during the climate of racial tension and the COVID-19 pandemic.  We talk about how to focus on gratitude when we find ourselves in a dark space.  Gratitude even affects our wellbeing, so Gail talks about the physical power of gratitude.  Check out the full interview!

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About Gail Crowder:  Gail Crowder is the owner of Gail Crowder LLC and the Bringing Sexy Back Experience.  She is a relationship expert, speaker, teacher, Author, Marriage and Life Coach,  Personal and Relationship Consultancy and Certified Master Sexpert.  Find out about her group and one on one sessions at