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What's Going On DMV! Weekly Segment

It’s another thriving week here in the DMV, especially off the cusp of now having an HBCU Black Woman graduate in the White House. Now since you have not heard from me in a few weeks, trust me I am going to catch you all up on everything happening in our back yard.

First off congratulations to DMV’s own Dave Chappelle! Did you know October 27th is now #DaveChappelleDay that’s right and this year he sent a message to his hometown, yes that’s us; “never give up and never doubt yourself or abilities, you too one day can have a day here just never stop”. Thank you Dave!

Next congratulations to the state of MD, Governor Larry Hogan declared Maryland was 1 of the top states nationwide with 99.9% of the state’s population counted for.

As you can see its congratulations season, DMV’s own Recording Artist IDK graces the cover of British GQ, making him the first DMV Artist to grace the cover of British GQ or GQ period, now that’s big!

DMV’s own Andre Hopson aka “dre the mayor” & the founders of The Museum launch Above All Odds, a Maryland based behavioral health clinic, serving adolescents & adults in a community setting.

Lastly, all my foodies, this weekend is the last days of DMV Black Restaurant Week, that’s right DC restaurants, MD restaurants and VA restaurants, eat your heart out! The Maryland Arts Council is looking for grant panelist, if you care for the arts in MD and want the needs of the community represented, get on board now, they need you.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this sums up What’s Going On DMV, follow me @TheMediaPrince on everything and follow the hashtag #WGODMV


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