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Source: Keyaira Boone / Keyaira Boone

After nearly 31 years of checking the Weather Channel before booking a blowout I was happy to see the ad for the Hairbrella scroll across my Instagram feed. The Black-Owned hair cap boasts it makes it possible for the wearer to protect their hairstyle in the rain without the help of an umbrella, poncho, scarf, saran wrap, or any other protective item. 

Once I saw a Black woman’s blowout survive getting a bottle of water doused on it thanks to the cap I was sold. The Hairbrella’s features include:

  • A Waterproof Microfiber Exterior
  • A Satin-Lined Interior 
  • A PVC Visor Shield 
  • An Elastic Band To Ensure A Sealed Fit 
  • An Attached Storage Pocket  
  • A Variety Of Colors
  • Kiddie Sizes

I purchased Hairbrella from Amazon and waited patiently for the rain to see if it could hold up to my expectations. 

My first test was a fresh wash and go. I purposely added gel to my curls because that’s what gets them the most frizzy at the end of the day. I tucked them underneath the Hairbrella’s satin lining for the commute to work. It initially fit snugly on my head but then I discovered the adjustable strap and was able to give myself a bit of room. By the time I got home my curls still looked fresh and glossy. They felt like I had slept in a deep conditioning cap. 

When I was actually inside of my office I was able to easily tuck the Hairbella into itself and put it in my purse. For obvious reasons I’m reducing the amount of things I sit on random surfaces so that was a relief. 


Source: Keyaira Boone / Keyaira Boone

My second test was a blowout and I was really impressed. My hair was the same level of straight it was when I left the house, when I got home from work at the end of the day. 

My final test was my new knotless braids. After getting blessed by Brooklyn’s Magic Fingers Studio I was not trying to mess up my new ‘do. I would recommend being careful and making sure every strand of hair is inside the Hairbrella because I missed a braid inside my hoodie and the back of it ended up getting a little wet. 

I would also recommend getting the XL option if you have jumbo braids, goddess twists or faux locks

I was happy to find that my large butt length braids were able to fit into a standard cap. The task required wiggling the tab slightly but once that was done I was all set. It was a really cold day and the cap even kept my ears warm which was a nice surprise benefit. 

The product was also useful when it was dry out. I put the cap on and pulled the shield down so I could do some yard work and it did help limit debris getting into my eye. The Pro option offers even more support, making it a great option for added protection during public outings. 

I definitely think the Hairbrella is an asset everyone needs to get their hands on!


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