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Chauncey “CJ” Blair is the Outreach Communications and Marketing Director of Life Enhancement Services in Washington, DC.  In this capacity he has taken a personal approach to reaching the needs of those who has struggled in society.  Using his passion, past experiences and ministry call, CJ has found the perfect combination to serve those in need even in the pandemic.  He talks with Cheryl Jackson about how Life Enhancement Services is able to serve the needs of their clients and their mental health.

The pandemic has not stopped LES in serving those who need mental, emotional and physical assistance.  CJ also shares how they are able to serve the physical need of their clients through their outreach arm, SavingOurSelves (SOS).


About Life Enhancement Services:

Life Enhancement Services, Inc. is a provider of community support services for children, adolescents and adults.  Their highly qualified staff develops a plan of care to help individuals inmprove their emotional, mental, and physical health.  Their services can be done at their office, community centers, your home, schools, work and in community.  They specialize in:

-Crisis Intervention

-Community Resources


-Housing Assistance

-Anger Management


-Behavior Disorders

-Medication Management

-Counseling Services

For more information call 202-269-2401 or log on to


About CJ Blair:  

An author, motivational speaker, adviser, screenwriter and more, CJ Blair is committed to sharing and voicing stories parallel to his own extraordinary circumstances. Currently, he is the visionary behind the “Got Gifts” Outreach and SavingOurSelves (SOS) Program,  both of which are disadvantaged youth-focused outreach programs that partner with churches, schools, athletic organizations and college campuses across the country. Blair is spearheading this worldwide initiative partnering with prominent organizations to include the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, teams within the National Football League and both State and local law enforcement agencies and school systems around the country.  Having worked with media powerhouses on countless outreach projects such as VH1 and Radio One, Blair currently serves as an adviser and consultant for DC, Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania local schools in addition to working closely with the State’s Attorney’s office in the development and implementation of youth empowerment initiatives to include mental and behavioral health services as well as school retention and recidivism programs .  CJ now serves as the Outreach Communications and Marketing Director of Life Enhancement Services.

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