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An authentic Covid-19 vaccination card, with CDC logo in magnifying glass

Source: Newsday LLC / Getty

It seems everybody now days have a hustle to help makes ends meet.  Some professions/professionals you wouldn’t think need a hustle because they make pretty good money, in the the case of the medical professional unfortunately because of the COVID-19 pandemic they have the opportunity to make plenty of money in overtime and some doing traveling services do to under staffing with hospital filling up because of COVID.  But you know the saying that say’s you should never count someone else’s money because you never know what someone has going on.  So this story that’s being reported is a little surprising but maybe not.  A Michigan nurse has been charged allegedly stealing and selling vaccination cards on Facebook

According to court records, Bethann Kierczak, 37, was responsible for administering vaccination doses and had access to immunization records at her hospital in Southgate, Michigan, allegedly she then used used Facebook Messenger to sell the vaccine cards for $150-$200 a card.

How crazy is that.

Take a look at the video below.


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