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Have you ever waited on someone? When you wait, you abdicate your ability to determine when something will happen.  You are dependent on someone else.

When we wait on God, it can be incredibly difficult.  Truly waiting on him means we aren’t solving situations on our own.  We wholly place our dependence and trust in God’s solution, knowing it will be better than ours or anyone else’s.  Waiting is not natural.  We would much prefer to act, even at the risk of acting incorrectly, than to wait on God.  Even if we’ve waited a week or twenty years, his promise to us remains: if we persevere in waiting, we will become stronger.


Isaiah 40:31 (ESV)  They who wait for the Lord shall renew strength.


Father, give me the fortitude to remain steadfast in my waiting.  Thank you for your promise that I will be stronger if I wait.