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NAACP President Derrick Johnson

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Today’s election is one of the most crucial elections the people of Georgia will ever take part in. Those are the words of NAACP President Derrick Johnson. President Johnson along with the entire nation will be looking at the senate race between the incumbent, Senator Raphael Warnock (D) and challenger and former football star Herschel Walker in a race that could decide control of the United State Senate. Johnson explains why this race is so important and what it could mean for Georgia and the United States and more with Erica and GRIFF.


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Erica: Listen, in 2020, Georgia was pivotal in both President Biden winning the White House and Democrats taking control of the Senate. You say that today’s election is one of the most crucial elections the people of Georgia will ever take part in. Explain why.


President Johnson: What is both about who controls the United States Senate and whether or not the needs and interests not only African Americans in Georgia, but African Americans across the country will be met. But it’s also crucial because it is the turning tide around breaking the southern face, which is mostly Christian conservatives, who are anti black. And if we break the back of that base in Georgia, it only opens the door for North Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida, which can change completely the dynamics of politics in this country.


Erica: You recently attended Jackson State University’s homecoming. How was it possible that there that here in the United States cities like Jackson have problems with unclean water?


Pres. Johnson: Well, you know, I’m a resident of Jackson, Mississippi, ironically, from Detroit, but I live there. And we filed a claim against the state of Mississippi because they have intentionally starved the city of resources with federal dollars, they would get federal dollars and redirect it outside of the city of Jackson. And we documented how they had done that for 30 years, out of 25 years of federal allocation of funds to city on a Jackson gas bus three out of those 25 years so within by the city to start the city and state subsidy of resources.


Erica: Listen, what are some things that every voter should know before they head out to the polls today?


Pres. Johnson: Well whatever you do once you go, don’t leave without casting a ballot. Whether it’s a provisional ballot, as it’s called, as some states, affidavit that in other states. No matter what they tell you request a ballot to vote. Secondly, if anyone created barriers from you getting a bad attendant in line, we need you to report it. Go to, report it with tracking the election irregularities so we can get lawyers and others to the polls so to address those situations. We’ve already filed four lawsuits leading up to the elections. We want one last night because the goal is to suppress the black vote because it is so bad you so don’t let anyone tell you that our voters and valued.



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