In an exclusive interview, Todd Dulaney checks in to chat with Melissa Wade about navigating through his triumphant career!

With his latest single with Hezekiah Walker, “It’s Working,” making waves through radio, Dulaney is now preparing for the release of his upcoming live album, As The Journey Continues, set to be released this summer. This new project serves as the unification of the traditional choir sound with the more modern “praise and worship” style.

“For whatever reason, you know, the enemy loves to come into to the body of Christ and cause… to stir up some type of division,” Dulaney says. So we’ve got a lot of people like ‘Bring the choir back! Bring the choir back!’ And then you have a lot of people like… Because the world is so chaotic, we need to be unified. So I was like, ‘Look, we gon’ bring this thing together and show you that we can do it all at the same time and it can still smack and give God the glory.”

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Dulaney also shares a special moment on Easter Sunday, serving as the praise leader for a special church ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial. He also talks about family and other upcoming projects, including a TV show!

Check out our exclusive interview with Todd Dulaney above!

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