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According to a survey by the American College of Emergency Physicians, 85% of doctors believe that violence in ERs has worsened in the past five years, with two-thirds reporting being victims themselves.

In Virginia, a law that came into effect in July addresses this concern, mandating round-the-clock security guards and a security assessment and risk plan in every emergency department. INOVA, a healthcare institution, began taking steps to protect its medical personnel in 2018, but as incidents of abuse continue to rise, concerns persist.

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INOVA Fairfax reported around 650 incidents in 2021, a number that surged to nearly 1,000 in 2022. The stress of working in the emergency department, coupled with increasing workplace violence, has some healthcare professionals considering leaving the field.

INOVA has implemented various security measures, including encouraging staff to report issues, supporting those who wish to file police reports, and maintaining zero-tolerance policies. They’ve also introduced a weapons detector called Evolv and have armed security in every emergency department.

Training programs on de-escalation are conducted regularly, and despite the rising incident reports, worker’s compensation payments have decreased, suggesting that these efforts may be reducing physical abuse.

INOVA is committed to improving safety and holds frequent town hall meetings with staff to address their concerns and enhance security measures further.

Source: The DMV Daily


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