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Recorded Wrongs

Many experts agree that one of the ways to keep relationships healthy and strong is to avoid words like always and never.  True love releases past mistakes and genuinely believes for the best next time.  This gives freedom from guilt, and permission for the relationship to move on and grow.

This truth applies to everyone we interact with in life. Let’s not keep track of people by their offenses and label them for their mistakes.  Let’s give freedom to grow and learn.  God keeps no record of confessed wrongs. Release yourself from regrets, and live in God’s freedom.


I Corinthians 13:5  Love keeps no record of wrongs.


Lord, I confess that I have held resentment in my heart toward people who have offended me.  I release these wrongs to you now and ask you to help me erase them from my heart.  You are perfect in your love for me, and I want to be more like you.