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Trust God | Ericaism

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The Ercaism of the day. I love sharing some of my little tips and how I kind of arrive at how I think and how I process and all that I shared is literally my love for God and what he’s done in my life, I posted something last night. My song, trust and obey on my newest album is not just a song. It literally is my heart. You know, it is sometimes easier said than done to trust God because we are human. We’re in this flesh. We look around at the situations and we try to analyze and assess and that will never tell you what God is going to do because most times what God is doing make no sense. So if you don’t trust, you will never see the benefit or blessing of what God is trying to do because you’ve been so busy trying to be realistic.  

My heart hurts for people who are who say things like? I just gotta keep it real. I just got to be honest. I just got to be realistic. I’m not trying to be realistic. I’m trying to rest in the word of God. I’m trying to remind myself that the Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. I don’t care if that’s bills. I don’t care if that’s emotional things. I don’t care if that’s something in my family. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want he supplies all my needs, according to his riches and glory. That’s what I tell myself. And when I remind myself, it becomes easier to trust God.  


And sometimes I just testify. I just go down Erica’s testimony list. I remind myself that I grew up in a two-bedroom apartment with 13 people, and my momma was on welfare, and we still ate every day I remind myself that we had a 4 seater car with nine kids and we still made it to church and everywhere else we had to go and God took care of us and even though we grew up in the hood, ain’t nobody ever busted in our house and stole nothing. Ain’t nobody ever shot up our house. My sisters were always say, God took care of us. And so when I remind myself that God took care of me then he will take care of me now. He is not incapable of being God.  

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I asked my daughter one day if you knew a family where the Mama and Daddy got divorced three times and the mom never had a good job and it was 7 girls. Do you think them seven girls would turn out to be good people? My daughter said, uh. I said we did. I said Malia loved Jesus. Tina loved Jesus, Goo goo love, Jesus, Lisa love, Jesus, Elena, love, Jesus, Shante, love Jesus. Erica loves Jesus. Darrell loves Jesus and Jasmine loves Jesus, and we all go to church and we all serve the Lord. And while my Mama didn’t have everything she needed, Hallelujah. While she didn’t have everything that she needed, she trusted God. She put blessed oil on our head every morning. I know what y’all saying about y’all kids and what’s going on and what’s they watching and what they doing. You better put blessed oil on your kids and pray over them every single day. You better rebuke the enemy. 


You don’t have power over you and your kids, but you got to walk in your authority. I’m trusting God because I’ve seen him do it before. I’m standing on the word because I know the power of the word. The Lord is my shepherd. The Lord takes care of me. If I don’t know what to do. Heals. The Holy Spirit is going to show me what to do. If I’m wondering and wavering. And I don’t have enough strength. The Holy Spirit is going to empower me to see, know, and understand, and discern what’s going in my house. You know, the Holy Spirit is the best snitch ever. Are you kidding me? Something going with your kids? You better praying fast and then walking your kids room and say Holy Spirit, show me. He’ll show you what drawer it’s in. Then he’ll show you where it’s hanging. He’ll show you what pocket it’s in. He’ll reveal it to you, I promise you, trust the Lord. Stand on his word. Believe it. It works. I’m telling you, I’m a living witness.  

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