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Are You Single Minded or Marriage Minded? | Love Talking

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Are You Single Minded or Marriage Minded?

I always thought it was hilarious when people would say that after you’ve been married a long time, you start to look, act, and think alike. I don’t know if you do all of those things, but you do begin to join each other. You do begin to become like-minded in how you handle and how you process things. It’s always funny when Warren and I are exactly on the same page without even talking, and I think it’s so beautiful. I think that’s one of the things that marriage does; teaches you how to live with someone, and not just live with them, but to come into agreement and alignment. It helps you realize that you are in covenant with one another and not allow the enemy to come in and manipulate.

I feel like in today’s time, a lot of people are so busy trying to defend themselves and their position and their power that they’re not even marriage minded. I was talking to a young lady and she was talking about all that she had in her life and she was saying, “Does he fit in my life?”  

That is that’s very much single minded. 

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God’s Intent for Marriage

With marriage, the two shall become one. That is is what the word says…How do you become one if you’re only thinking about you? If you’re only thinking about you, it’s going to be real hard to get into a marriage, because even in your thoughts you’re only thinking about yourself…what you think, how you feel, if you will be seen, will you get [this], will I get [that]. In order to really have a good marriage, you have got to think about them more than you think about you. I know that’s foreign in today’s time, but God’s design for love makes you put your eyes on someone else. How do I serve? How do I love? How do I understand and be understood? And that just is what it is. 

I know that’s foreign because people don’t talk about it. When they ask, “how do you get married and stay married?”…It’s definitely not being cute. It’s definitely how much money you make. It’s definitely not what you drive or where you work. None of that! There are some people who do all those things well, but are single and shall remain because they’re single minded. 


I pray that you become marriage minded. I pray that even when you think about relationships, you think about covenant and staying till death do us part. I pray you think about family, and love being patient and love being kind. All those things lead to unity and togetherness.  



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