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Be Ok Saying NO | Ericaism

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Well, listen guys, I’m so glad I got delivered. From what you say from the need to say yes to everybody for everything, knowing when to say, when, knowing when to say no, knowing when to say I don’t want to do that took some time and took some courage and I know a lot of people still suffer from that because it feels good to be there for other people. It feels good to be the one that’s giving it makes you feel like I have purpose because I’m giving to other people. But when you are empty, it is OK to say no.  

It’s also OK to acknowledge that you’re empty and that you can’t. And I couldn’t for the longest time because I thought it was mean or I thought, you know, that they would think that I I didn’t really love them or support them, but I can lovingly say yes and I can lovingly say no now maybe it was the over 40 ness that helped me to get there, but it took some time, but Lord. 50,51 I’m so glad, so glad to be there.  


It is so liberating. And I’m glad that I’m able to say it in a way that allows people to understand. I’m definitely never mean with my no’s. I’ll tell you why I’m I’m telling you now. I’ll help you to understand. Almost to the point where people go, Oh my God, I totally understand. No problem at all. Do people want to hear no’s? No, they don’t. 

But you have to have boundaries for yourself. If not, you’ll be doing everything for everyone at all times and unfortunately, people don’t ask. Are you tired first they don’t ask, can you? They just ask, will you? And it is your job to respond.

But learning to say no can be very liberating. Listen, it is hard to do when it’s family, but it is even necessary with family. You can speak your truth and love, especially when people come to you for the same thing the same need the same time a month and the same amount. That mean that’s your bill and not theirs. And so you know, help them be responsible by saying, you know what I believe God is going to supply that need this time. I’ve been praying for you so you keep walking in faith. 



Listen, I can’t be your source. God is your source. Learning to say no is very liberating for them and for you, so learn to do it. If you haven’t get up the courage to do it, look in your meal sometimes and just say no, I’m not going to do that practice. So when you see them, you have the courage to do it.  


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