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Will Smith debuts his new middle-aged, quarantine body to social media ahead of a new six-part fitness unscripted series from his company Westbrook Media and YouTube Originals.

Unfortunately within the Black community, Diabetes is very common but we mainly focus on Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is also very prevalent among People of Color...

On the Community Affairs Show this week, Cheryl Jackson speaks with the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Stephen Hahn, about the process of approving a COVID-19 vaccine. As of Friday, November 21st, new sources says more than 195,500 new COVID-19 infections were reported.  The highest number of single-day cases during the country’s […]

Thanks to innovative cups, caps and panties, we no longer have to depend on the old-school way to deal with our Aunt Flow.

Wondering on what you should be putting into your body during this national emergency?? No worries, we got you! Now, we will say this will not 100% keep you safe from the Coronavirus but will simply strengthen your immune system to prevent this terrible virus from entering your system. Being mindful during this time of […]

Day 5764768564 from working home due to the Coronavirus. Most jobs require employees to come in the office to get work done. Lately, their has been a worldwide epidemic with the COVID virus spreading at a rapid pace. Most companies have ordered employees to work from home to avoid spreading the virus more than it […]

After receiving a full scholarship to study medicine at the Latin America School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba, Dr. Arabia Mollette relocated to Cuba, where she studied and lived for seven and a half years. After she matriculated from medical school, Dr. Mollette completed her residency as an Emergency Medical Resident Physician at Newark Beth […]

“In every crisis there is a message. Crises are nature’s way of forcing change–breaking down old structures, shaking loose negative habits so that something new and better can take their place.” — Susan L. Taylor Two years ago, life as I knew it came to a standstill, and I experienced a fear that today I still can’t verbalize. […]

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A new app focuses on aligning individuals with culturally competent therapists.

It's open enrollment season - this thread is helping plus size women find fat friendly doctors in their area.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day and across the globe, those who battle and advocate for mental health are not only sharing their stories but they are also encouraging those who “suffer in silence” to understand that they aren’t alone. In fact, more than 43 million Americans struggle with mental health problems. It is […]