Today on Something For The Brothers, Pastor CJ Blair shares talks about the order of man.  Whenman is created he is declared a male child, he then grows into being a man, from a man he may become a husband and from a husband he may then become a father.  Our problem comes when […]

  To empower the sisters today Elder Vikki Johnson encourages us to get up from where we are and do something different.  She tells us that now is the time to move into our purposed destiny!  Check out the full commentary here:  GIRLTALK1017

This week on “Girl Talk”, Elder Vikki Johnson challenges us to identify the “It” or “the cross to bear” that keeps us from moving forward in Christ.  She says your “It” is not to kill you but is set up to bring you closer to Christ.  I know, profound…right?  Check out the full commentary here: GIRLTALK1004

This week on Girl Talk with Elder Vikki Johnson, Vikki admonishes us to fight our challenged circumstances with the same intensity that it has fought us. We are not strong enough to fight on our own. But with the strength God we can beat any circumstance! Check out the full commentary here: GIRLTALK0912

According to The Christ Post, The buzz is continuing to build with Harbinger Media Partners debut release, Unconditional as opening weekend draws near on September 21st. Starring Golden Globe nominated actor Michael Ealy and Lynn Collins, the major motion picture film is already causing a chatter among critics in the industry. “UNCONDITIONAL is wholesome, redemptive, […]

This week Elder Johnson forces us to look at all of the things in our past that hinders our growth to move forward.  Sister, don’t miss out on what God has in store for you by clinging to the past! Check out the full commentary here:  GIRLTALK0919

This week is Fashion week in the DMV. To find all of the DC Fashion activities log on to Make up artist to the stars Kym, Lee talks about the new fall color trends found on the runways during fashion week. Check it out: KymLee0918

  This week Pastor CJ Blair talks about the detriment of allowing our women to think like men.  He says, “as brothers in right relationship with the Father, we free our women from thinking like us”.   Check out the full commentary here:  BROTHERS0830   Like us on Facebook! Also see… Something For The Brothers With Pastor […]

This week on Girl Talk Elder Vikki Johnson pulls from Phillip Yancy’s Daily Dozen Decisions that Make a Difference.  She shares with us what it is to live a fulfilled life of faith.  So,  sister go live your life knowing that the best is yet to come! GIRLTALK0821

                      This week on “Girl Talk” Elder Vikki Johnson encourages us to move from a stagnant place to a productive place.  Vikki says  “Hesitation breeds missed opportunity”!  Check out the full commentary here: GIRLTALK0814                       […]

I sat down with Karlie Redd of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop recently.  Karlie talks about her relationship with her spiritual advisor, Pastor CJ Blair of “Something For The Brother” here on Praise 104.1.  Love and Hip Hop showcases her life on a daily basis but, its also a platform for her to fulfill her […]

In today’s “Girl Talk Segment” Elder Vikki Johnson admonishes us to stay to connected to the Lord so that we will know exactly when to seize opportunity! Check out today’s segment: Girltalk0530