In this episode of Catching Up with the Careys, Vania talks about how a friend of hers is struggling with connecting with her husband because she believes he has a hard time expressing himself and his frustrations without shutting down.

When preparing for Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays, it can feel like a daunting, anxiety-filled task trying to figure out how to interact with the family of your spouse or significant other.

Making Your Spouse a Priority - Showing your spouse you love them with intentional actions each day is vital to a healthy, romantic relationship. Sometimes this can be tough to maintain, due to life's responsibilities. Here's a 30-day Tune Up Challenge to help you get back to making your spouse a priority.

Longevity & Marriage Part 4: Finances Finances is one of the biggest relationship stressors and therefore one of the top reasons for divorce. Here's what worked for us in our marriage.

“Catching up with the Careys” is practical, Godly-based, relationship advice for engaged or married couples given by Husband & Wife team, Keith & Vania Carey. Keith Carey has over 10 yrs experience as a marriage counselor. He is the Pastor of “Faith in Action Ministries Incorporated” and works as a peer counselor. Vania Carey has […]

Topic for this episode of Catching Up with the Careys is how to navigate arguments.

"Catching up with the Careys" is practical, Godly-based relationship advice for engaged or married couples given by Husband & Wife team, Keith & Venia Carey.

Latonya Brumfield was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2014.  With the support of her family and church, she has been able to beat cancer and be a true inspiration to many women all over the world.

“Girl! How did you get to this point?” I asked myself. The only reply I could offer the girl with the tear stained face was “I lost sight of God. I took my focus off of my father.” It’s not like I stopped following God. I went to church when I could, I prayed daily, […]

What do we really know about Easter? Where did the name Easter come from? Why not call it Resurrection Sunday? Why is it on a Sunday? The answers to these questions and more....

During the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch threw his cleats on a power line and called it a career. He posted the below picture on his twitter account, @MoneyLynch, just after 9:45 p.m. ET. Although Lynch offered no official announcement, Seahawks owner Paul Allen and Beast Mode’s agent Doug Hendrickson both offered gratitude […]

It is in times of trial and tribulation that we really get to see our true character and what we are made of. This was evident to me on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 when my dear Grandmother, Cora Lee Faircloth, went home to glory at the ripe age of 102. It didn’t hit me that she was gone […]