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1st Mondays With Pastor Martino

Who has access to you and your emotions to manipulate you? Pastor Martino on First Mondays teaches how to discern if you are being manipulated.

Now that we know what manipulation is and how the enemy uses others to negatively impact our lives – we must now learn how to resist!

Godly Knowlege is POWER! Learn how to avoid being manipulating with this #FirstMondays podcast by Pastor Martino.  

Are you being manipulated? Who is REALLY in control? Find out how to protect yourself from the enemy with Pastor Martino’s latest First Mondays podcast.      

Tired of being blackmailed or blindsided by family, friends, co-workers, church-folk or your enemies? Check out this video!  

Are you feeling weak, worn down or worn out? Watch the latest First Mondays podcast by Pastor Martino to learn how to beat the “quit” in you!

Do your friends inspire or expire you? Find out TODAY with the latest podcast from Pastor Martino on First Mondays.

Got Flatterers, Deceivers and Worriers in your life? Become immune to their tactics today!

If your spiritual tank is empty than this principle on taking command of your day will literally put your fuel gauge behind the F. “Taking Command Of Your Day” requires that you take command by using Passion-Fueled words. Passion-Fueled words encourage you, inspire you and infuse your inner-man with what is needed to see God […]

Taking command of our lives begins with taking care of our days. As we take command of of our day and our lives we must build our day with specific qualities. These qualities ensure we have control and not the enemy. What are these qualities? How do we take the next step?  

Taking command of your day requires that we pray daily. Prayerful words according to GOD’s will empowers us to resist the enemy and walk in victory. Now begin taking command of your day by praying before you do anything else! In Jesus’ Name!