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The NFL players with the highest earnings per game in 2023 You undoubtedly have heard of astronomic contracts and paydays for NFL players. How much money does your favorite NFL player make? It depends…How was the contract constructed? Which factors are we considering?  Payday depends on when the player signed and how the deal was […] The post The NFL players with the highest earnings per game in 2023 appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

The D.C. Mayor’s Office, responding to concerns raised by Legal Aid DC, is committing to fund an increase in SNAP benefits, as confirmed by the D.C. Department of Human Services

The D.C. government will limit office workers’ remote work to one day per week, emphasizing the importance of being actively present, starting....

Effective January 1, 2024, Maryland’s minimum wage will rise to $15 per hour. Starting from...

Money expert Janai Thornton give us some tip on how to buy a house even when the interest rates are high.  

Work & Money

Due to the lack of a definitive state budget, the approval occurred outside of the standard budget cycle.

On Sunday, the Biden Administration launched a beta website for its SAVE (Saving on a Valuable Education) Plan for student loan borrowers.

Amid the 2023 Black Women's Equal Pay Day, here's a deeper look at the wage statistics along gender lines by the numbers. The post Equal Pay Day? Black Women’s Wages By The Numbers appeared first on NewsOne.

Frontier Airlines is celebrating their 29th anniversary with a special deal for customers! To secure these discounted rates, tickets must be purchased by...

Combined, student loan borrowers owe around $34.5 billion which ranks DC at #1, Maryland #2 and Virginia as #4. Shocking? Maybe not.

On Friday, the Biden Administration announced that it plans to automatically forgive $39 billion in student debt for 804,000 borrowers. 

The Maryland State Gas Tax will increase on July 1st. The 10% increase will raise Maryland's gas tax to 47 cents per gallon, making it one of the highest in the country.