Do you ever ask yourself, “Does what I say line up with what I do?” On “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” she discussed ‘Belief vs. Behavior.’ Campbell challenged listeners to put action behind what they’re saying and stop making excuses for it. Listen to “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” live weekdays 6-10am EST […]

Erica Campbell reminds us not to freak out when we’re going through it, because there really is no need to. She reads a passage from James 1, verses 2-6. The trials we go through will eventually make us better. God is supposed to heal us and guide us through dark times through to the light! She […]

In this edition of Faith Talk, Erica Campbell talks about going straight to the word of God, through both gospel music and the bible, in order to change her atmosphere when she feels like negative thoughts are threatening her faith and peace of mind. She talks about being determined to live in victory, and to […]

In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell discusses the fact that there are too many joy stealers out there in the world. She reminds us that world didn’t give us our joy in the first place, so why should we let it take it away from us? We shouldn’t! Hold on to your happy- and […]

The devil doesn’t take any days off from trying to mess you up! Erica Campbell and GRIFF explain why that means it’s on you to tap into what God has given you to fight the adversary. When you are armed and ready with an undying faith in the Lord, the devil can’t do anything to […]

Sometimes it’s really, really hard to be happy. Life hits us with a lot of stuff, and so sometimes we walk around with a scowl on our faces, and sadness or anger in our hearts. But in this Joy Living clip, Erica encourages us to dig deep, deep, down to find the joy of the […]

Being a mom can be so much work, from getting the kids up and ready for school, to going through a whole day of working a lot and then coming home to be a mom again. Erica Campbell tells a story of a woman who was really overwhelmed with all the duties she had as […]