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According to the New York Daily News, A North Carolina woman amazingly warded off an attacker -after he slashed her throat, by reading Bible verses to him for over an hour, according to local reports.

Lindsay Wood, 32, and her teenage son had just arrived to their Shelby home from church around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday when the horrific assault took place.

Wood’s son was getting a trash can from the curb when a man crept up behind his mother and sliced her neck with a knife, said authorities.

Wood offered the man–who has not been identified– her car and money, but he refused both.

She then pulled out her Bible and began reading to him, as he continued holding the knife to her throat, according to Charlotte NBC affiliate NewsChannel 36.

Cops said Wood even went as far as inviting him back to her church.

Wood’s son heard what was happening and hid in the back yard, police told WSOC-TV.

After about an hour-and-a-half, the man released her, apologized, turned on an outdoor faucet and fled.

Wood’s mother, Jane Hamrick, wasn’t surprised by her daughter’s reaction to the attack. “She doesn’t judge people. She doesn’t criticize people,” Hamrick told the Shelby Star. “She’s a unique person.”

Wood was taken to the hospital, where she received 20 to 25 stitches and staples to close the wound in her neck, according to WSOC-TV.

The man who slashed her neck is still at-large. Wood doesn’t remember exactly what he looked like, but said he was wearing dark slip-on shoes with what seemed to be diamonds on them.