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Gospel superstar Deitrick Haddon is just days away from the opening of his new movie “A Beautiful Soul.” In the film he stars as a singer who is on the right career track but slightly askew with matters of the Spirit.

As a prelude to his second entry in the movies, fans are in store for a tremendous blessing in the form of the movie soundtrack of the same name.  Haddon is already a Stellar Award winning artist who released his tenth album “Church On The Moon” on Verity Records last year.  It debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top Gospel charts, as did several of his previous releases.  So why isn’t he content with record breaking sales, a packed congregation and sold out concerts? Well as Deitrick tells EURweb, the vision to be a gospel vanguard began when he was still a teen.

Deitrick Haddon: “When I got out of high school I went on the touring circuit in the gospel plays…. that’s when  I really fell in love with it, getting that rise out of the crowd and being able to be spontaneous and to think quick on your feet when it comes to theater.”

The Detroit native officially began his solo career on the Tyscot/Verity label in 2002 with the release of“Lost & Found.”  Deitrick’s piercing and soul stirring vocals on the lead single “Sinner’s Prayer” quickly pushed the album up to number one on Billboard.  The discography continued with consistent impressive results for Deitrick, who later took over his father’s post at Detroit’s Kingdom Culture Church (formerly High Praise Church). Young Pastor Haddon got a jump start with The Voices Of Unity from his early days in the church at the Unity Cathedral of Faith. Today the sky is the limit for Deitrick and his wife Damita(also a recording artist), although there are some things that they insist on doing for themselves.  Haddon is not only starring in A Beautiful Soul, he is producing it with a team of independent producers.  Haddon tellsEURweb why he prefers this as opposed to a partnership with a major studio.

Deatrick Haddon: “It helps you maintain creative control and it helps you to be in charge and make your own decisions because we’re making faith based independent films and we’re really on the edgy side.   Normally when you see faith based films they’re kind of corny, cheesy, trying to stay on the softer side.  My films kind of get in there and get gritty but they still maintain the message of Jesus Christ and hope, and love, and inspiration.”

Grammy and BET Gospel Award nominee Deitrick Haddon has comprised a masterpiece of composition, production and artistry for the ‘Beautiful Soul’ album.  It is filled with the anointing of Minister Haddon, along with Faith Evans, Kiera KiKi Sheard, Candi West and more.  Pre-orders of “A Beautiful Soul” are encouraged for this sure to be another blockbuster and contemporary gospel collector’s item.

Make plans to see “A Beautiful Soul” directed by Jeff Byrd, starring Deitrick Haddon, Angela Berry and Harry Lennix, coming to AMC theaters May 4th 2012.  For details on local theaters click here.     Official Sites