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A sheriff’s deputy was caught on camera repeatedly striking an inmate at the Mahoning County Jail in Youngstown, Ohio, WFMJ-TV reports.

In the video, the deputy, identified as William Horn, is seen in the video hitting inmate Duniek Christian repeatedly in a holding cell in the basement of a courthouse.


Horn and another deputy escorted Christian to the holding cell after his court appearance on assault charges so that he could change into his jail jumpsuit. It is not yet known what provoked Horn to strike Christian.

WFMJ-TV has more on this story:

“It looks like someone, the deputy, might have lost his cool and got upset and took it out on the inmate,” said David Engler, Duniek Christian’s attorney.

Engler says his client suffered injuries and claims he was denied medical treatment following the incident. Engler indentified the deputy as Deputy William Horn.

“It’s sort of shocking and very surprising to me, because I know the deputy,” Engler said.

Deputy Horn, the deputy seen in the cell with Christian, was suspended with pay as the sheriff’s office continues to investigate.

Another deputy, Kip Danks, who was standing outside the cell, has also been placed on leave. At least six other deputies who joined Danks outside the cell are being questioned.

“I was horrified when I seen the film. Somebody’s going to have to pay the consequences of what happened there,” Mahoning County Sheriff Randal Wellington said.

Sheriff Wellington says Deputy Horn could face an assault charge.

Engler thinks that Christian may have possibly given Horn some back talk that wasn’t taken well and that could sparked the altercation.

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