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I couldn’t help but remember a family member that always sat in the same spot on her front porch, day in and day out. Actually, it became a running joke amongst the family anytime someone would ask about her. Responses would always be, “oh, you know she is sitting on that porch in that same spot.” The same routine for more than 40 years. I remember asking one day, “Don’t you want to go somewhere else besides this porch? Its, nice and comfortable, but everything is the same.” Her response was, “it’s safe here.” I wish I had been older as not to get popped, but I wanted to ask, what are you afraid of.

Later I learned that she never learned to drive, and never wanted to venture out because of something someone said to her as a child and because she never allowed herself to breath in a fresh opportunity, or fresh people, or fresh dreams, the tape that played in her head remained the same. Unfortunately, she never dared to exhale the old and embrace the new.

Continuing my walk, I began reflecting on Luke 14:16-24. I love that chapter and verse because it reminds me so much of myself at times in my life when opportunity was right there knocking at my door, and much like the invited guest, I too begged off the invitation. Foolishly, I held my breath in a sense and didn’t challenge myself to breathe a fresh challenge. I can’t get those old wasted days back, but I certainly have learned to cherish every new opportunity along this journey. What a difference a breath makes.

Tanya is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte. You can friend her on Facebook or email her at Read more by Tanya Wilson:

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