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As a minimum wage-earning waitress, CeCe Bruce (pictured) moves from table to table at an Indianapolis, Ind., Steak ‘n Shake taking food orders from customers who leave tips ranging from good to nothing at all.  Never did the full-time server fathom that she would receive a whopping $500 tip for a meal that totaled $5.97, reports Wish TV 8.

Bruce waited on “Miss Jones” a regular customer who frequents the eatery for breakfast on Wednesdays. The woman observed CeCe going about her daily routine when she noticed some diners giving her a hard time. When Miss Jones spoke with CeCe about it, she merely replied, “You can’t let stuff get you down here because it will ruin your entire day and then there’s no point. You want to be happy and personable with your customers.”

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When CeCe gave Miss Jones her bill, the total came to $5.97. Instead of leaving a customary 20 percent tip on the bill, Miss Jones’ gratuity far exceeded Bruce’s wildest dreams.  The woman left the waitress, who also attends school part-time, a $500 tip.

The generous tip nearly floored the hardworking waitress who was overcome with emotion. At first, CeCe did not want to accept the tip but took it after Miss Jones insisted. According to her boss, Greer Gooley, who is the general manager of the popular chain and, CeCe stays late and comes in early.

“Whenever we need her, she’s here, so she deserves it more than anyone,” Gooley said. “It just lets servers know that you work hard and it does pay off. There are people out there that [if] you do your job people reward you for it.”

Meanwhile, CeCe did not spend the money frivolously; she used it to pay bills.

As far as Miss Jones’ generosity is concerned, the extra money CeCe received laid a few of her financial burdens to rest. “All the worries that I have are kind of like out the door for the day, you know? It makes you look at life a little more positively,” she said.

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