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I can’t even explain what happened today at#TPHDallas…u have to see it for yourself!

02:07 AM – 02 Sep 13

In the wake of the incredible MegaFest event, put on by Bishop T.D. Jakes and his staff in Dallas this past weekend, something very interesting happened Sunday morning at the Potters House Church in Dallas, TX.

Tyler Perry donated $1 million dollars to Jakes’ effort to build a youth center and then, laid hands on Bishop Jakes!

“I’ve just been touched to give $1 million,” Tyler Perry said in the Sunday morning service on the video. Perry then tells how he didn’t even know Jakes was building a youth center.

“God I don’t know what you’re doing but I heard your voice,” Perry said. “When you hear the voice of God, you move.”

Leading up to the million dollar donation and the laying of hands, Perry talked about being in attendance at one of MegaFest’s biggest events, “Manpower,” and receiving a blessing. He also recalled how Pastor Paula White asked people, sow a seed of $113.00 (if they could) … representing Psalm 113. Well, Perry wrote his check for $113,000, describing how much he loves giving.

“When you have favor with…” Perry pointed to the ceiling, referencing the Lord.

“They don’t understand it in Hollywood, but I’m going to tell you something about the blood of Jesus,” he continued to the enthusiastic audience. “My mother didn’t have much to give me. But she had Jesus and she gave me Jesus.”

“Don’t worry about your enemy. Don’t worry about your hater. He will bless you. He will lift you,” Perry proclaimed. “Sometimes you spend too much time worrying about your haters.”

Perry began prophesying good things over Bishop Jakes’ life, and laid his hand on him under the power of the Holy Spirit.

“I pray his anointing will stay all over you,” said Perry.