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Video online appears to show the driver of an SUV driving through a group of motorcyclists that have surrounded his vehicle during an incident on a New York expressway. The situation began during an annual street ride in which a large group of bikers were participating.

In the online video, the driver of the SUV appears to strike one of the bikers from behind after the motorcyclist stopped in the road. After the initial accident the group of bikers slowed, forcing traffic – including the SUV – to stop.

Video appears to then show the SUV driving through the crowd of bikers – appearing to strike several of them – and speeding off. The group of cyclists race after the vehicle and follow it onto more narrow New York City streets.

After being caught in traffic, the SUV stops, and is approached by several bikers. In the video, it appears that one of the bikers breaks open the driver’s side window. The video then stops