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This week on the beauty spot Kym talks about the all new crave on eye shadows.  Introducing the liquid eye shadow!

The most common eye shadows are powder formulas, but cream formulations come in a distant second. Creams are often relied on to create a soft base for a powder shadow to adhere to. They also work in a pinch when pressed for time. Instead of going through the hassle of applying various powder shades to the brow bone, crease and lid, a cream can easily be smeared on with a finger and blended just as easily.

Equally easy to apply, and growing quickly in popularity, are liquid formulas. One might expect applying a liquid shadow to be quite a messy undertaking, but the truth is they’re the exact opposite!

Smartly packaged in small bottles or tubes and complete with a sponge applicator, these shadows glide on easily and dry on contact with the skin. As mentioned, they’re particular popular during the summer, when perspiration and humidity are common causes of fading makeup, and they typically last until removed with a strong eye makeup remover.  Check out Kym’s full commentary on liquid eye shadow here: