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Rahat is an internet prankster who has gained phenomenal attention with his over the top pranks posted on Youtube. Recently, he  blessed a homeless man with what appeared to be a winning-thousand-dollar lottery ticket. 

To be honest, I expected the ticket to be worthless and the prank would be on the homeless man, what would happen next disarmed me and forced me to my knees AND I BEGAN TO THANK GOD. 
For years it has been my mission to address the needs of those that can’t provide for themselves. Some individuals, made in the image of God, have given up all hope and have decided to just be rather than be alive. 
To be clear, this video wasn’t posted because of its popularity. It was posted because Jesus was in the mix and the Holy Spirit immediately jumped off the screen. 
The reaction of this homeless man after receiving the winnings from the lottery ticket reminded me of how the prostitute must have felt when forgiven of her sins. How Lazarus must have felt when revived from the dead? How Blind Bartimaeus had to have rejoiced when once blind but now HAD SIGHT!!!! I could go on and on, but the point I am trying to drive home is we all have the responsibility of reaching down, seeking out, drawing near to those that are clearly in need of a leg up and not a hand out. 
I never toot my own horn but I can’t count the times I have stopped to help someone in need, took someone to church that was standing on a corner looking for the the next dollar for the next high, the person out in the cold with no blanket, food or water or just someone just wanting a sincere person to talk to or in need of a hug just to feel like they are a regular human being or just mattered to someone. 
I was on my way to a very important media industry event (Spirit of Praise) that I was hosting and while in commute there was a homeless man that was clearly in a need. His hygiene was was unkempt and to some it would have been offensive to be near him as he was quite odorous. I not only stopped but I took him to the nearest restaurant and introduced him to the manager, I gave the manager enough money for several days of food and explained that he was to be treated with respect and as a normal client. 
I spoke with the homeless person for a short period of time and as I had to leave I hugged him and told him everything would be well and I prayed for him. As I prayed for him the tears began to flow and he sobbed uncontrollably and the words he parted me with floored me. 
He said, “People see me on the street and avoid eye contact with me and treat me like I’m a sub class human and I guarantee you that you are the first person to talk much less hug me in a long time.”
When I left him I wreaked of this man that humbled me, God reminded me that we were all made in His image. Be warned that just because you may have a little bit of something doesn’t make you better than the person that has nothing. I pray that this devotional coupled with the video will move you to greatness and servitude. Seek out the blessing….the blessing is not what you will get in earthly riches…. when you seek to intentionally bless, you then set yourself up to be favored in arenas of your life and further merit Gods protection.

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