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screen-shot-2014-02-19-at-3-52-04-pm Recap:  Mary Mary Episode 2- Tina Tells It All 

The episode opens up with Erica and Tina talking about their difficulties with Mitchell. Goo Goo decides that  she does not want to be with Justin because she feel disconnected. Justin professes that he thinks one day they will be together. Tina goes to Erica’s house and explains that she told  Ebony. Erica lets Tina know that she will be standing right next to her.  Goo Goo reveals that she and Justin have ended. Tina explains  that you need to really think about who you marry. Tina has dinner with Teddy. Teddy tells Tina that he will never cheat again. “It’s not an option.” Meanwhile Erica explains to Warryn that Tina came clean to Ebony. Erica goes to Warryn’s label to meet the team. Warryn  points out that Erica and Tina may need to rethink their relationship with Mitch. Tina tells Erica that her patience is thin. Erica and Tina agree that they will give Mitch one more chance.  Erica does sound-check alone. Tina opts to stay in bed. Mitchell call the day to day manager Nisa. He is thoroughly confused. The ladies have a sit down with Mitch.  At the end they lay it all on the end.  Erica and Tina decide that they want more.

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