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dominique-haddon-style-21DOMINIQUE HADDON

Morning routine: (Aveeno)

  • -exfoliate scrub
  • -Sunscreen/ lotion moisturizer
  • -Sea Breeze Astringent

Night routine:

  • -Makeup remover towelettes
  • -cetaphil face wash
  • -Sea Breeze Astringent
  • -daily moisturizer (Aveeno)

Name 3-5 products you use every day for your hair:

-Olive Oil brand: edge control

-100% argon oil for shine

– Pantene light holding spray

What is one beauty secret you have?

– less is more!

Who is your fashion/style icon?

Michelle Obama is my fashion icon! Her fashion matches whatever she’s doing! I appreciate her sense of style!

Who is one celebrity you would like to go shopping with?

I would love to go shopping with Kanye West! His fashion sense is impeccable! I love how he’s influenced Kim Kardashian & her style!

What is one accessory every woman should have?

Every woman needs a great pair of sun glasses/ shades!

Favorite Season for Fashion?

My favorite season for Fashion is Fall!  I love jackets, scarves, sweaters, and boots!

What is a fashion trend you can live without?

One fashion trend I can live without is Overalls! They worked well in the 90s, but seemed forced in today’s fashion.

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