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Robert Griffin III joins the list of NFL players under scrutiny amid the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies, as people express outrage over him flipping his shirt with a Christian message inside out before stepping to the podium for a post-game press conference.

Images before the press conference clearly show RG3 sporting a shirt that reads”Know Jesus Know Peace,” however when he came up to the podium the text was gone. Close inspection of the press conference show the silhouettes of the letters, hinting that the shirt was flipped inside out.

Comcast SportsNet originally reported that NFL Uniform Inspector, Tony McGee, told Griffin that he couldn’t wear the shirt to the press conference because it wasn’t a Nike product—the NFL has a corporate deal with Nike for players to wear their gear— although it’s been noted that several other players who attended the press conference didn’t have on Nike gear either.

The story was later updated to say that Griffin flipped the shirt out of his own will to avoid being fined for breaking the NFL’s personal message bylaw, which states on a game day players are barred from wearing anything that displays a personal message without approval from the League. Also note that Griffin has been fined in the past for wearing an Adidas top to a post-game press conference.

With all the speculation in the air, two questions remain: why did Griffin flip his shirt? and, is being a Christian something the hide?

To see images of RG3 and his shirt before and after the game click here.


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