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Janay-Rice-birthdayFormer NFL Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice (pictured second from right) went all out to make his wife, Janay’s (pictured), birthday special — despite not having a J-O-B reports TMZ.

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The running back, who is currently a free agent, became media fodder last year when he was arrested and subsequently indicted by a grand jury for third-degree aggravated assault against Janay, who was his fiancée at the time of the incident.  The assault, which took place last February 15th, involved Rice punching Janay in the face and knocking her out cold on an Atlantic City hotel elevator.  TMZ managed to snag the video of the violent altercation that then captured Rice dragging Janay’s body partially out of the elevator and appearing totally unfazed by his violent actions.

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Much to the surprise of all who had witnessed the violent film footage, the couple tied the knot about a month and a half after the incident on March 28th.

Still, Rice was suspended from the Ravens organization indefinitely as a result of his violence toward Janay, but then last November, a court arbitrator threw out the NFL decision, freeing him to play again. Consequently, Rice became a free agent and has been eligible to be signed by an NFL team since he was released by the Ravens — but no team has picked him up yet.

Meanwhile, Rice went all out for Janay’s festive occasion: The day-long celebration reportedly included a dinner party, private chef, elaborate Chanel bag and accessories cake, and special appearance by Torrey Smith, a former teammate.  The chef, JR Robinson (pictured far right), who appeared on the highly rated network TV show “Hell’s Kitchen, whipped up some mouth-watering culinary delights (lobster, lamb chops, and mussels).

After the celebration came to an end, Janay took to her Twitter account to rave how lucky she is to have Rice as her hubby:


Janay Rice @JanayRice · 17h17 hours ago

Thank your for all the birthday wishes, the best gift I received was the love of my husband, he truly is the best husband in the world.

Some might wonder how Rice paid for the extravagant gathering. Well, according to the celeb site, Rice just settled a grievance with the Ravens in which he reportedly asked for more than $3.5 million for cutting him from the team over the elevator video.  As to how much Rice wound up with after the dust settled is unknown, but it was certainly enough to put a smile on Janay’s face by way of her party.

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