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Please click here to watch a livestream of Apostle C.L. Long’s funeral happening now.

Today was supposed to be a day where we celebrated pastors in the greater Washington metropolitan area for outstanding work in the community. Seventeen pastors were honored at our annual prayer breakfast at Martin’s Crosswinds. At some point during the performance by Vashawn Mitchell we learned about the passing of Apostle C.L. Long of Scripture Cathedral. Pastor Long has been a staple on sister station 1340 WYCB for over thirty years, and over the past several years on Praise 104.1. Every day at twelve noon on WYCB, like clockwork, you would hear the phrase, “This is Pastor Long.”

On the Scripture Cathedral website it says Apostle Long is regarded in the body of Christ as a father to many. While ministering for over 50 years, Pastor Long has broken barriers in both church traditions and media ministries alike. As Program Director for WYCB I have come to know Pastor long as a man who lived through his broadcast ministry. He was always on time. Pastor Long used every minute of his broadcast to reach out to those that were shut in; those who seek prayer; those in need of the word.

Pastor Charlene Monk of New Horizon said now is the time for the entire Washington church community to keep Scripture Cathedral; its members; his wife Elder Joanne Long; their two sons, Elder Clarence D. Long, Minister Edward Long and daughter Chantell Moses elevated in prayer. Washington D.C. has truly lost an iconic figure in the Church community. Today we celebrated seventeen Pastors for outstanding work and one icon that is now gone but will never be forgotten in the greater Washington D.C. community.