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President Obama and Vice President Biden shared a deeply private moment in church.

President Obama gave Vice President Biden the hug of peace and the embrace tugged at the nation’s heart. It was a true brother hug. It was bound by the love of Christ. President Obama gave the eulogy at the Vice President’s son Beau Biden’s funeral this past weekend.

Beau Biden died an untimely death after struggling with brain cancer.

Barack and Joe  shared an emotional moment during Beau’s funeral. During Catholic masses the sign of peace in the Roman Rite significantly placed before Eucharistic communion is a particularly expressive gesture which the faithful are invited to make as a manifestation of the People of God’s acceptance of all that has been accomplished in the celebration and of the commitment to mutual love which is made in sharing the one bread, with the demanding words of Christ in mind: “If you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift” (Mt 5:23-24).

Margaret Talev wrote this morning:

the men’s shared experience with personal grief, and an unexpected bonding of their wives, daughters and grandchildren, more than their tests as officeholders, that have turned a political partnership between two men separated by race, age and temperament into a deep, if mostly unsung, friendship.

President Obama reflected on his relationship with the Biden family. Fighting back tears he looked over at Joe and said:

To Joe and Jill –- just like everybody else here, Michelle and I thank God you are in our lives. Taking this ride with you is one of the great pleasures of our lives. Joe, you are my brother. And I’m grateful every day that you’ve got such a big heart, and a big soul, and those broad shoulders. I couldn’t admire you more.

You can watch the emotional eulogy here:

The love that all mourners spoke of at Beau’s funeral is called agape .Love is showing concern and by action its desire for the well being of another. It is physically showcased in our day to day life.  It is love that seeks the benefit of the other person without regard for that person’s worthiness to receive love. It is a love that is a matter of one’s will. In other words a person who shows true biblical love decides to the love the other person because he wants too.

President Obama spoke of agape. He highlighted that both Joe and Beau possessed it. We as followers and participants in the human race should live by it.

Renowned writer C.S. Lewis’ book, The Four Loves, describes that there are four basic kinds of love. He talks about them using  their Greek names: agape—the God-like self-giving love even toward enemies; philia—the love of friendship and camaraderie; eros—the love of romance and desire and sexual attraction; and storge—the love of affection that arises through natural attachment, a child, a dog, a favorite old shabby sweater, a spot in the woods.

Are you living with, for and applying true love to your life?

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