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The confederate flag has been a source of controversy in recent times in the south, but an incident on Monday in a southeastern Pennsylvania town is shifting the focus a bit. David Chohany was at the center of a clash between and several youth of color in the town of Columbia, which led to him getting arrested and charged with pulling a knife on the teens and getting his flag snatched from him.

As reported by local publication Lancaster Online, a fight broke out between Chohany and the teens, allegedly led by a 16-year-old boy visiting the area from New Jersey. What can be surmised from the Lancaster Online report and local television news outlet Fox 43 is that the group of teens, both Black and Hispanic, confronted Chohany over the flag that was in the back of his pick-up truck. The situation grew intense and led to some gridlock in the area.

Raw Story writes that Chohany allegedly used racial slurs against the boys and continued to argue with them in the middle of the street. Several bystanders videotaping the incident on their cell phones crowded around the fracas and one boy reached into the back of the truck and began destroying the flag while shouting at Chohany. Police from several jurisdictions were called to the scene to break up the fight but not before Chohany pulled out his weapon.

Chohany admitted to pulling the knife but claims he was only seeking to protect himself and his vehicle. He told Fox 43 that he has a right to fly the confederate flag and says he doesn’t hate anyone. His girlfriend backed up claims that Chohany isn’t racist nor did he use slurs during the fight.

However, Lancaster Online followed up with individuals in town and say that Chohany is known for driving around in his truck and shouting slurs from his window.

Chohany is not in jail nor were there any other reported arrests in the incident.

SOURCE: Lancaster Online, Fox 43 | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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