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Pastor Leandria Johnson is being slammed once again after a clip surfaced Monday night of her displaying, what some are calling, the most deplorable behavior ever displayed by someone professing salvation.


Watch: Le’Andria Johnson Apologizes To Fans About Her Viral Live Rant

During a chat with her fans on Periscope, Leandria is seen wearing a stocking cap, hanging out around the house with her family just before dinner. While Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” plays in the background, the season three winner of the BET’s Sunday Best sings along.  As she it talking to her fans on Periscope, she takes a sip from her cup until her son comes along and asks ‘Mommy what have you been drinking?’

Immediately she tells her children to go downstairs and begins to address viewers as they speak to her in real time, commenting and questioning her behavior. She honestly answers her sons question, telling her fans that she is drinking Patron and explains how she could have been out in a club turning up, but she is a grown woman, in her own house, paying her own bills…therefore she will be forgiven because God’s grace is sufficient.
 As assumed, most Christians are outraged and don’t think this is appropriate behavior.  Wednesday, she joined Darlene McCoy for her show “The Day Party” on Praise 102.5 in Atlanta to address the negative comments.