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An escaped convict turned family man has been freed from prison after his double life caught up to him last year, The New York Daily News reports.

Bobby Love, born Walter Miller, was released from prison on Jan. 5 after his true identity was revealed to his wife of 30 years and their four children. In 1977, Love escaped from prison in North Carolina, where he was serving a 10-year sentence for a bank robbery.

After his escape, he took on the name Bobby Love and began living a law-abiding life in New York City. A few years later, while working at the Baptist Medical Center in Brooklyn, he met his future wife, Cheryl Love.

Love said there was something about her husband that kept them slightly distant, but she could never figure it out until police showed up at their door on Jan. 22, 2015. Neither Cheryl nor her children were aware of his crime or the life he lived before becoming Bobby Love. After his arrest, Love was extradited back to North Carolina, where his escape offense was handled through a disciplinary process, leaving him to complete under a year in jail.

His wife said she was shocked by the revelation, but never thought about leaving his side.

NY Daily News reports:

Since his Jan. 5 return, he’s been to Coney Island with his grandson, 2, the child of his oldest daughter, and has been welcomed back by members of his family’s church. Their 30th wedding anniversary was March 30 when Love was behind bars.

“My father was determined to change his life, and for 40 years or so he did just that,” said his daughter Jessica, 28, told The News last year upon his arrest.

Love is now back with his family and helping his teenage sons with college applications. The 65-year-old said he feels as though a “big burden” was finally lifted from his shoulders.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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