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Police Officers Break Rule In Order To Save An Infant

In the midst of the nation wide social unrest and issues with police brutality, it’s almost surprising to hear two Chicago officers being harrowed as heroes. In the fall, Officers John Conneely and Mike Modzelewski responded to a call that there had been a drive by shooting on the south side of Chicago. Upon arrival five people were lying in the street wounded which included an 11-month-old baby named Princeton Chew. Conneely and Modzelewski immediately decided to bring the baby to the emergency room. The officers could have lost their jobs over the split decision as it’s against police policy to remove a victim from a crime scene instead of waiting for an ambulance. Within the nine mile ride to Strong Hospital, Modzelewski rode with the boy in the back seat applying pressure to his wounds. Doctors were able to save the baby’s life, his pregnant mother and grandmother were not as fortunate as they died at the scene. Baby Chew is currently being raised by extended family. No arrests have been made in connection with the shooting. {CNN}

Politician Says His Race Was A Factor In Losing Senate Election

Staunch Republican and Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele recently reflected on his failed Senate 2009 run. The politician says that not only was it a difficult time to be a Republican in the eyes of voters between the Iraq War and aftermath or Hurricane Katrina, Steele says being black may have also been detrimental to his cause. In an interview with the “Candidate Confessional” podcast, Steele says it was difficult to find other African Americans to be apart of his campaign staff. “The [Republican] party’s never taken the time to actually groom blacks to be political operatives, to be campaign managers, political directors, communication directors, finance directors,” Steele said. “So when I have to go as a candidate into a statewide campaign, or even if I’m running for local sheriff, what pool of talent am I gonna pull from? I’m gonna pull from the established talent that has been developed by the white infrastructure, which is largely white males.” In referencing President Obama, he went on to add,“You can’t be black when you’re a candidate,” Steele says Obama has taken ‘shortcuts’ throughout his tenure in the White House and he’s failed to fully address the black community or race related issues. {Huffington Post}

Inmates Accuse Corrections Officer Of Rape

Capt. Edgar Daniel Johnson of Georgia’s Emanuel Women’s Facility has been charged with 11 counts of sexual assault stemming from three inmates accusations that they were repeatedly raped and fondled while in his custody. Casey Mincey was the first to speak out against Johnson alleging that during her three year stay in the facility for identity theft, she was raped a total of six times. Mincey’s lawyer, Walter Madison has confirmed that he is also representing two more women who are accusing Johnson of sexual misconduct. These women have referred to Johnson’s behavior as “an open secret” at the prison. Apparently the women reported the officers actions but their grievances where thrown away and they were still given work assignments under his direction. He is said to have attempted to buy their silence by threatening to block their visits to their kids and lessen their chances to be approved for early release. “He raped these women physically and psychologically,” Madison said. “It’s unfathomable that all these abuses could occur, and no one knew anything.” Johnson is currently out on bond. {CNN}

Woman Charged With Attempted Murder When Hair Cut Goes Wrong

Bad Girl Riri wasn’t the only person who missed out on the most recent Grammy telecast, one of her fans, is now sitting behind bars. Adrian Blanche Swain has been charged with attempted murder after trying to shoot the barber that gave her a “Rihanna-style” cut that she was unhappy with. Swain got her hair cut at 619 Barber Shop in San Diego. Initially, she paid for the service and even tipped her barber, Manny Montero. A few hours later, she returned to the shop, enraged, supposedly with a different style and pulled a gun out on Montero. She tried to fire three times but the gun was jammed. The other stylists were able to subdue the 29-year-old woman until police arrived. {FOX 5}


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