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President Obama Hosts White House Easter Egg Roll

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The Obama’s have accomplished so many remarkable things during their eight years in office. Several schools across the nation have been renamed in honor of the President and First Lady. Here’s a list of where you can send your kids!

Michelle Obama School Of Technology And The Arts in Park Forrest, IL: was previous named Forest Trail School. According to their website, they were the first school to pay homage to the First Lady. Mrs. Obama is also an advocate for the arts which is reflected in the curriculum. “Our goal at Michelle Obama School of Technology and the Arts is to help each student reach his or her fullest potential by using creativity and performing arts as a foundation for learning, creating, and living a productive life” said co-principals Dr. Cheryl Muench and Annamarie Dowling in a statement. The school, which serves grades 4 through 8 is located in a predominately black suburb outside of Chicago.

The Barack Obama School of Leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in Chicago Heights, IL: was formerly known as Beacon Hill School is within the same district as Mrs. Obama’s Arts school in Park Forrest. On naming the two institutions in honor of the Obama’s, district superintendent, Joyce Carmine said, “The values that the First Family models are unparalleled precedents and are values that our students strive to emulate.”

Michelle Obama Elementary in Panorama City, CA: The kindergarten through 5th grade school was formerly known as Valley Region Elementary. “This name was selected by the school-site council because Michelle Obama supports active living and eating healthy, and the school models itself on that,” said LAUSD board member Nury Martinez.

Barack and Michelle Obama Learning Elementary in St. Paul MN: The school board voted for the name change just 100 days into President Obama’s first term. The school takes pride in having a curriculum that includes African American studies. Part of their mission, according to the school’s website says, “At Obama, our young scholars embrace rich traditions of greatness by learning about the history, culture and contributions of people of African descent throughout the U.S. and the world.”

Additional Source: Clutch Magazine


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