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For the second helping of Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions, actress and recent BGR recipient Amandla Stenberg and Grammy award-winning singer India Arie will sit on the iconic talk show host’s couch next month.

According to NBCBLK who attended the tapings of their shows, said both artists will talk about “the pain and frustration that comes from being boxed into identities and ideas of being, due to systemic oppression and how they each got free.” 

Expect to see Stenberg, 17, talk about how living out as a bisexual young Black woman is a form of her activism and Arie on exceeding past the limitations she’s endured during her 20-year career.

When asked about what joy meant to them, Arie told NBCBLK, “How do you say, ‘I am light; life is beautiful,’ when there’s all this ugly stuff in the world? Those two things don’t have to be hinging on each other when you realize that they both do exist,” Arie told NBCBLK. 

Stenberg’s reply isn’t too different. “That’s what Black Girl Magic is. Any struggle, any difficulty you’re facing is giving you a tool that you can utilize in the future. That’s why when you’re experiencing these struggles and you choose to do your thing and love yourself regardless, it’s like a revolution,” she said. 

On this current wave of racism, sexism, police brutality and other forms of oppression that we’re seeing and feeling, both women are clear that this type of injustice isn’t new or rare, but is one we can overcome.

“I think social pushback comes in waves. We’re just experiencing another wave right now. We’ve had civil rights movements in the past and this one manifests differently because of social media,” Stenberg pointed out to NBCBLK reporter Brook Obie.  Arie added, “Humanity evolves and this is just where we are.” But she hopes we’re headed towards a world that allows for “more oneness, where we won’t have to go, ‘I accept you,’ because there won’t even be a question.”

Catch Stenberg and Arie on OWN or SuperSoul.TV next month! Will you be watching?


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