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Beauties, discover how to achieve a beautiful hairstyle with modern and intricate flare but is so easy to do. This style is certain to make you the flyest bride anyone ever did see. This style can be done on relaxed or natural hair. So I want to show you how it would look on both hair types.

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If you are rocking your natural hair, I suggest you set your hair in a twist/braid out the night before to help with the stretching of the hair and to prevent frizz. If you are styling relaxed hair, make sure it is freshly washed, blow-dried, and moisturized the night before (if you like, you can sleep with your hair in a doobie wrap).

To get started, you want to take down your twist/braid out or wrap from the night before. Now you are going to make a deep-side part on whichever side of the head you prefer. Your side part should stop around ear level. From the end of your side part, you want to do a straight part across the head (your parts should make a big “L” shape).


Now you are going to put clip the larger section of hair inside the L. The hair in the other section is going to be braided in a cornrow starting from the front of the head, going around in the same L shape as the part. Feel free to use some edge control or other products in the braid to prevent frizz. Take the end of the braid and secure it with a couple bobby pins.


If you’re doing this style on relaxed hair, you want to go in and put some curls in the bigger section we had clipped earlier. You can decide what type of curls (wavy, spiral, loose curls) work best for your wedding-day look. Be sure to use some holding spray to assure the curls stay in formation throughout the day.


Now, if you are natural, you are almost done because your hair in the bigger section is going to stay out. So be sure to use some product to smooth any flyaways and fluff out the pieces of hair from your twist/braid out. This will ensure there are no big gaps or holes in your hair and your natural hair is beautifully displayed on your big day.


Relaxed or natural, feel free to use your favorite edge control to keep those edges laid. And don’t forget to throw in some sort of hair accessory to take the look up a notch. Your wedding guests won’t believe you did this look yourself, so it will be our little secret.

PHOTO CREDIT: Alicia Fajardo Hair, Getty


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