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An ex-KKK leader‘s visit to an HBCU didn’t go over so well with the institution’s students.

Last night, David Duke made his way over to Dillard University in New Orleans to participate in a debate against other candidates running for a spot on the Louisiana Senate, and his presence was immediately protested. No students or media were allowed inside, a rule that reportedly led to “clashes between protestors of all races and the police who had formed a human wall to block the entrance.”

From Daily Mail:

Twitter user Nick Reinmann, who was inside the Georges Auditorium where the protests and discussion were both occurring, tweeted footage of struggling protesters with the caption ‘I can taste the pepper spray.’ The video appeared to show a police officer being pelted with a water bottle while struggling with a female protester, who was screaming. At one point a white male protester appears to shout ‘They’re people! They’re not animals!’ before being dragged off with an arm around his neck.

The chaos only continued from there.

The melee continues, as bodies are pushed and pulled, and another white man screams ‘Let her go!’ – apparently in reference to a woman being held by police. Suddenly a young black man, who has apparently been scaling the side of the building, falls onto the crowd below, possibly after trying to swing up and under the door frame. Police grab his legs and demand he let go of the door, while red lasers – presumably from tasers – dance over his chest. Eventually they pull him down.

There are conflicting reports on whether or not any of the students were arrested.

Photographs from the protests also show a police officer being ushered away having been blasted in the face with pepper spray in the melee. It was not immediately clear whether it was an accident. Dillard tweeted at 9:30pm that ‘No students were attacked for exercising their rights. No students were arrested.’ But according to The Advocate at least four people were detained during the protests, and one arrested for trespassing.

Duke was reportedly escorted to his car by cops following the event. Click here for a glimpse at the mayhem.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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