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With Christmas only two days away, it’s time to solidify those holiday plans. Sure, you’ll have the usual: a tree, lights, decorations and the family dinner, but this year why not spice up your holiday traditions a bit with activities your family will never forget.

Whether you’re spending Christmas on a beach or with the in-laws, here’s some ideas for your holiday festivities.

1. Family Scavenger Hunt

Rather than sitting around waiting for Santa to arrive, get out and get active with your family by creating a family scavenger hunt! You can break your family up into teams (or if your family is small, it can be every (wo)man for themselves), create a list of clues and hide prizes around your neighborhood. Then, send your family out on a hunt! It’ll be a great bonding experience for your family and give them a holiday they’ll never forget!

2. Make Everything A Party

Of course, the holidays can be crazy busy but there are still ways to get the family involved while checking off everything on your list. Rather than putting up decorations on your own, get your entire family involved and have a holiday decorating party! When it’s time to do the cooking or baking, enlist your family for a holiday bake off! The party possibilities are endless. So, turn on the Christmas music, spike the Egg Nog and have a blast!

3. Christmas In The Mountains

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like spending it in a winter wonderland surrounded by snowy mountains. If your family is big on traveling, it would be a great way to spice up your holidays by renting a cabin in the mountains and spending your holidays there! You could secure a cabin that’s large enough for your entire family, hang out on the slopes and then have Christmas dinner by the fireplace. Just be sure to bundle up!

4. Island Vacation

If snow isn’t really your thing, why not escape the cold weather and spend the holidays at the beach on a tropical island? Sure, this is probably the most non-traditional way to spend the winter holidays, but at least you’ll get a golden tan while making memories with your loved ones!

5. Volunteering

During the holidays, we’re often so focused on our own families that we forget about those less fortunate. This holiday, take a break from it all and spend time volunteering with those in need. Giving to a local homeless shelter, foster home or nursing facility is a great way to give back and get you in the Holiday spirit. You never know whose life you’ll change just by giving your time!

No matter how you choose to spend the holidays this year, be sure to spend it in love with those you cherish the most!


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