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This past week, news broke that a police officer told Latina Herring to stop calling 911, right before her and her 8-year-old son were killed. The suspected perpetrator, who is now apprehended, is her boyfriend, Allen Cashe.

The officers statements came from a video that was released when they were called to a home in Sanford, Florida on March 27th. Supposedly, the police were called to the home by Cashe who complained that Herring took his keys. In the body-camera video an officer could be heard saying, “We’re going to handle it” and “Stop calling 911 to make accusations you don’t know about.” At first, many suspected these statements were aimed at Herring. However, the police say that their comment was directed at “a third party complainant who continued to make 911 calls about the incident while officers were on scene,” according to Daily Mail.

According to Click Orlando, the third party originally made their 911 call because they said they believed a woman was being battered while walking down West 25th Street. When trying to find the victim, later identified as Herring, officers received another 911 call saying that the man had a gun. They went to the home where Herring and Cashe were arguing and they searched Cashe. They didn’t find anything, but Herring did hand the officer who arrived on the scene a bag of Cashe’s stuff, which reportedly included a gun. It’s not clear if the officer knew there was a gun in the bag, but the weapon found was not used in the deaths of Hearing and her son.

Official did not make any arrests at the house because they determined the disputes were civil and no crime had taken place. However, three hours later, Cashe returned with an AK-47 and killed Herring and her 8-year old son, while her 7-year-old son and her father were injured. After this, he then drove to West 24th Street near Marshall Avenue and shot two innocent bystanders Lazaro Paredesquelite, 43, and Rakeya Jackson, 18, police explained. Both of them were taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital, where they remained in stable condition. After officers in the area heard gunshots, they saw a man driving form the scene who was later identified as Cashe. They took him into custody at the Seminole Garden Apartments.

Cashe is being charged with first degree homicide, four counts of attempted first degree premeditated homicide, one count of second degree attempted homicide, one count of felon with a firearm, and one count of violation of parole – felon with a firearm.

Cashe has a history of violent charges and domestic violence according to records. Four women in Seminole County have filed domestic violence injunctions against Cashe since 2005, and one 2013 incident involved him punching a victim in the face and slamming her into a car. He’s also been accused in separate incidents of backhanding a woman, punching a man, smashing the windows of a vehicle with a baseball bat, and aiming a gun at two people while saying, “If I weren’t on county GPS I would pull the trigger and kill both of you.”

Friends of Herring are angry with how the police handled her situation, believing there were many ways to prevent her death. “Sanford PD’s a big disappointment to me and to others,” vented Ladasha Beasley, a friend of Herring. “To protect and serve who man? Who? Justice needs to be served.”

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